House rules

In order to make your stay at our Gasthof Sauerwald more pleasant, we kindly ask you to read to following house rules and to forward them to the persons traveling with you. Please also take note of our disclaimer of liability.


The staff of our Gasthof is authorized to pronounce a house ban in order to keep the public policy and house rules..

Open fires, smoking and lighting candles in the entrance, hallway, on the stairs, in the rooms or in their bathrooms is strictly forbidden. In case of violation we bill a cleaning flat rate of 150,00€ and pronounce a house ban if necessary.

The premises within the Gasthof as well as the associated outdoor area with its equipment are not to be damaged.

We kindly ask you to report any complaints about the room or inconveniences caused by other guests within the Gasthof to our staff.

Please note that any damages to the property of the Gasthof caused by you have to be replaced at your costs.

Breakfast times:
Monday to Friday from 06.00 to 09.30.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 08.00 to 10.00.

Check-In from 14.00 until 22.00
Check-Out from 06.30 until 11.00.

When Checking out please close and lock the door to you room. Further do not forget to leave the key with a staff member in the taproom. The loss of your key results - because of the installed safety lock- in a high bill which has to be paid by you.


For safety reasons the leaning out of the windows is prohibited. Windows may only be used in order to air the room. It is strictly forbidden to sit or stand on the windowsill. Further it is prohibited to throw things out of the window, smoke on the window or to shout from the window.

People without a reservation in our Gasthof our only allowed to enter the rooms with explicit allowance from a staff member. The staff can prohibit the entrance in particular cases..

While using our guest wifi, comply with the provisions of the data protection regulations, as well as the regulations for protection of children and minors. Violations are notifiable.


Pets are not allowed.


From 22.00 until 08.00 the next morning there is nighttime peace in our Gasthof. We kindly ask our guests to not disturb it. Guests who nevertheless disturb the nighttime peace may be refused entrance in further reservations.  A house ban my also be the result.

The usage of brought along electrical devices, such as cooking plates, grills, stereos and other music systems is prohibited. Infringement and resulting damages in the room are to be paid by the guest.

In case of fire, we kindly as you to stick to the evacuation plan, which can be found on your door. In case of smallest signs of fire please immediately inform the staff.

The Gasthof ist not responsible for any claims regarding loss or theft of valuables (in particular jewelry, cash, notebooks, mobile phones).


We reserve the right to dissolve existing contracts and to stop the service to certain guests, if the house rules are or have been flouted or the behavior of the certain guest leads to damages of the Gasthof or even other guests.


We thank you for the consideration of these house rules. For further questions concerning your stay, feel free to contact us any time.


We wish you a pleasant stay in our Gasthof Sauerwald and we are happy to have you as our guest.

Your family Burcevski from the Gasthof Sauerwald






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